Best Portable Mobility Scooters – Short Guide and Six Recommendations

Mobility scooters are battery-powered steered devices, with three to five wheels, designed to aid movement. But that’s only the barebones definition. They can have a lot of accessories and features like lights, a warning alarm, a horn, reverse function, mirrors, and many more. As more and more people choose to buy the product, the design improves so the companies can remain competitive. While a few years ago, there weren’t that many options to choose from, now there is a larger, more diverse range.

Coming back to the second part of the definition for a bit, mobility scooters are designed to aid movement. What that means is that the user has to have a level of mobility to be able to drive such a scooter. The person who wants to drive it has to be able to change seats, maintain their balance (on it when operating on smooth surfaces, but also when it turns and when it goes up and down slopes), steer, operate the foot pedal or hand paddle or both (it depends on the scooter), focus for variable lengths of time, and see.

The best way to know you if are able to drive a mobility scooter is to have a chat with your doctor. That way, you can have an open and honest discussion about things you are and aren’t able to do so that you stay safe and don’t present a danger to others. While the prospect might be daunting, there are other mobility devices out there made for a lower level of mobility so you’re covered no matter the result of the discussion.

The Best Portable Mobility Scooters

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobility scooters?

There are numerous advantages to mobility scooters. We’ll start with what they do so we’ll be able to follow the process better. They aid movement for a category of people who aren’t able to move around easily.

That means something a common as shopping, or visiting friends and family, or even going for a walk, that used to be done with great difficulty (or not at all because the distance seems unmanageable) now is available to you for a fraction of the effort and/or pain. It’s difficult to imagine without experiencing it, but that’s such a relief. This is where we’re really getting into the benefits that it provides.

First and foremost, mobility scooters improve the quality of life. That’s an easy thing to deduce, since you’re suddenly able to do things that you weren’t before, at least not without a lot of work, determination, and possibly pain. But it’s not a thing that you can just gloss over either. Everybody wants a better life.

The motor scooters restore a feeling of self-sufficiency to the user, the lack of which often comes with frustration, temper issues, a lack of patience, and overall sadness that can tip over into depression. Depending on how long the mobility issues have gone on, they can result in poor self-image and issues with self-acceptance. We are not saying that the scooter will heal them, but it’s a step forward.

On the other hand, having a mobility scooter means you’re not pushing yourself as much. It’s a generally accepted fact that exercising is good for you, even when there are mobility issues. In some cases, it’s more important to do it when such issues are present. Nothing has been proven yet because the laws, rules, guidelines, and studies are behind the technology but it’s something to keep in mind. If you have the opportunity to exercise, take it, according to your doctor’s advice, and do it as often and for how long you are able to.

Does the need for exercise (that improves your physical condition and your general well-being) trumps the quality of life increase by gaining independence? That’s the question here. We think you can have both, there’s a time and a place for everything. By using the scooter to go get the groceries doesn’t mean you can exercise another way. As long as you’re conscious of the need to keep in shape, there shouldn’t be any problems.

That being said, it’s the main reason why countries have such variable rules and laws for acquiring a mobility scooter and using it. In some countries, you can use your insurance to get it (in the United States), in others you can apply for a grant (in some states in the USA) or a small subsidy (in the United Kingdom), and, in others still, you may not have other option but to buy it yourself. Using it presents a similar set of problems. The urban planning and architecture in some cities just aren’t meant for such devices.

Besides the laws, that vary greatly, there are many places where nobody teaches you how to use it. In some areas, you can go to your doctor, your local mobility organization, or even from the company you purchased the mobile scooter from, but the fact remains: things need to change.

There is good news, though. With the growing knowledge and acceptance of disabilities, people’s perceptions have begun to change and the stigma that comes with using them has lessened.

That has led to more and more people purchasing the device, the design improving, and, hopefully, accessibility growing. We don’t know what the future holds, but the prospects for a more inclusive environment are on the right path.

What are the characteristics of mobility scooters?


Mentioned above is that the mobility scooters can have between three and five wheels, with most of them having three and four wheels. If you wondered what difference it made, this is where you find the answer to your question: stability. Three wheels are less stable than four, four less than five.

There have been advances that account for slight changes in the design to make prioritizing other characteristics (such as weight) feasible, and so a whole range of new products became available. For example, that’s how the anti-tilt wheels came to light. They and other similar equipment can only change so much, but it’s great to have them.


It depends on the battery: the kind and size. Usually, mobility scooters can vary between 9 miles and 15, but there are exceptions. Also, no matter how you care for it, the battery will eventually quit on you, and won’t be able to sustain the same distances. We go into more detail in our article, ‘Batteries for Mobility Scooters – Short Guide and Recommendations.’


There are scooters that can go very fast, even mobility ones, but maximum speed is one thing that is regulated in most countries. In some, the minimum speed is too. You’re better off listening to the laws on this one.


This characteristic can be interpreted in two ways: how much weight it can carry; and how much the scooter weighs. For the first, the answer is generally around 300lb, give or take 50lb. And for the second, it usually varies from 45 to 400lb. There’s a lot of room there for potential options, so if that’s something that’s important to you, you should keep the aspect in mind.


Mobility scooters offer varying degrees of comfort and customization. Starting with tilt (adjustable or not), the seat height (changeable after your preferences in some) and width, and the existence of armrests (padded or not), they are all meant to provide more satisfaction. Even though no company starts with the thought of making an uncomfortable scooter, differences exist.


This answers the question: how well does it travel? To be able to fold the scooter, to carry it, to lift it, and to store it is very important here. There are also regulations on planes that need to be obeyed, and that goes double for its battery.

Some airplanes will allow a mobility scooter because it’s a device used by people with disabilities so according to their guidelines it falls under the same rules as a wheelchair, others will allow it because of its dimensions and the type of batteries, and others just won’t allow it. You may need to find a combination of the right battery and the right airline.


The mobility scooter is a battery-powered, electrical device and it behaves like one. That’s also one of the biggest disadvantages of this range of products. While there are types that have protection for the battery and some for the whole scooter, you still shouldn’t expose it to the elements for long periods.

If outside is raining too hard, consider staying in or using another mode of transportation, if there’s a big puddle in the road, avoid it as much as possible, and generally be careful of water and cold. Be careful where you store your mobility scooter and take care that your batteries, tires, and controls are in optimal condition.

Why choose a portable mobility scooter?

Portable mobility scooters are lightweight mobility scooters that can fold or easily disassemble. While it won’t be the right fit for everyone, the portable mobility scooter presents some advantages that, when taken along with your reasons for using a scooter in the first place, can really make a difference.

The ability to take it apart (making it a more manageable size in the meantime), store it, and then use it again comes in handy in many situations: when you want to keep in the home, when you want to be able to put it in a car or other mode of transportation, when you are on holiday, etc. Portable mobility scooters also generally weigh less.

And that’s without the automatic function that some have, where the scooter folds itself up with the press of a button. In short, if we were to simplify, it’s more convenient.

No matter what kind of scooter you choose, you’ll feel that freedom and independence we were talking about in the section ‘advantages and disadvantages.’ T

hat doesn’t come from a specific product but from a category of them. You only have to decide how well it fits your needs and, for that, we have five recommendations of portable mobility scooters that we think you might enjoy.

1. Transformer Automatic

Transformer Automatic Folding Travel Scooter BLUE with Lightweight Lithium Battery, Airline Approved
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It’s a four-wheel, completely automatic foldable mobility scooter.

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

Transport. The Transformer automatic is very easy to transport. It starts early when you receive the scooter because it comes fully assembled. This makes it extremely attractive for those of you who aren’t handy and hesitant when it comes to messing around with bolts or screws.

After you have received the Transformer automatic and want to use it, the scooter has a remote and the whole folding-unfolding process happens at the push of a button. It’s easy, clean, no need to wait too long, no need to work out how it should be disassembled.

And it’s about the size of a suitcase. There should be a place for it—the trunk of a car or an overhead compartment—in every mode of transportation. It’s approved for flights too, with the disclaimer that you should still check beforehand if your lightweight lithium battery is approved.

Pros and Cons

The Transformer automatic also offers the possibility of manual-folding. That can prove to be useful if you ever run out of charge for your battery. It’s much easier to carry a wheeled suitcase after you than to push and/or pull the whole unwieldy scooter.

The maximum speed is close to 4 mph at 3.7 mph, and the maximum weight it can carry is 300 lb. It’s also stable, having four wheels and, with a full battery, its maximum range is 13.7 miles. The scooter is customizable, having an adjustable tiller, and thought has been put into making it comfortable.

Regarding the disadvantages, weight is a black mark here. At 72 lb, it may be too heavy for you or your loved ones to lift. That discounts having somebody there to help, but we thought it’s worth mentioning anyway. You should consider what you need it for, take a peek at the price, think about how often it would leave the ground, weigh how much its specifications matter to you, and then make an informed decision.

Final thoughts

The Transformer automatic is an excellent traveler’s mobility scooter.

2. Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3-Wheel Travel Scooter w/ Avail Ext Warr
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It’s an overall great scooter.

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

Guidance. As we mentioned earlier, it can be difficult to find somebody to teach you not only what to do, but also what not to do, with specific attention paid to what’s illegal. Asking questions is always important, and the probability of you having them with your mobile device is high, especially for first-time users.

Who better to answer them than a professional? They know the scooter, what it can do, and what you need to do to get the best result out of it. That’s why guidance is vital and the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller provides it included in the delivery fee.

Pros and Cons

The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller offers a lot of features concerning your safety. And that’s added to the four-wheel based design. Things like the microprocessor-based controller and front-frame mounted seat are there to increase your stability and to make you feel secure and comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable, this scooter also has seat suspension. Yes, similarly to a car or a high-end bike, this scooter can protect you from bumps on the road. And it doesn’t stop there, with a seat width of 17.3”, conveniently placed charger port, modular design, and eliminating the need to remove the battery for charging, the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller is a product clearly made taking into account your satisfaction.

As for the specifications, it carries a weight of about 250 lb, at a maximum speed of 4 mph and a maximum range of 9.6 miles.

The limited adjustability of the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller can be a big disadvantage. Take, for example, the seat height. The reason probably has something to do with the easy assembly and disassembly, or maybe the fact that it can be portable. Maybe the design just hasn’t reached that far yet, but it’s a con nonetheless.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller is a reasonably-priced and efficient mobility scooter. 

3. Drive Medical Scout Compact

Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 4 Wheel, Green
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It’s a great value scooter, with quick assembly/disassembly. 

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

Assembly and disassembly. One of the most important parts about having a portable mobility scooter is the potential to be folded. This is an area that the Drive Medical Scout Compact excels in.

There have been no reported issues of people not understanding how it comes apart or how to put it back together. You can do it in under a minute, it’s easy and intuitive.

Pros and Cons

The Drive Medical Scout Compact is built with your needs in mind. It has a high degree of comfortability, in the padded chair and armrests, in the adjustable tiller, in the ergonomic throttle control, and in the swivel seat.

We’ll concentrate a little on the last one. As a person with restricted movement, you probably appreciate not having to squeeze or slide in your mobility scooter seat. This takes that into consideration and offers an ingenious solution. 

The four wheels, which offer plenty of stability, are anti-tip and have flat-free, anti-mark tires. The overall effect is that you feel well-balanced and safe atop it. That might also add to your peace of mind, knowing that you aren’t about to fall over at the slightest bump. 

The Drive Medical Scout Compact has a battery that allows it to hit the maximum range of 15 miles and a maximum speed of 4.25 mph. It carries a weight of around 300lbs and it has a turning radius of 53.75”. Also, it offers the possibility to change your color panels, to allow you to hide any scratches or scruffs, and it’s an overall good value for how much it costs. 

The clearance height is our big con. At 2.5” it doesn’t drive over much. Trying to climb on the sidewalk would be a nightmare, for example. Of course, there are pavement ramps and you can navigate it carefully to avoid the bumps, but it’s still something of a drawback. 

Final thoughts

The Driver Medical Scout Compact is a comfortable mobility scooter, at an acceptable price, with an easily understood folding feature.

4. Wisging CO9B

WISGING Scooter Mobility Folding Electric Mobility Scooter 3 Wheel Lightweight Portable Power Travel Scooters - Support 280 lbs Weight Only 58 lbs Long Range(18.6 Mile)
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 It’s a three-wheel portable scooter that automatically folds. 

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

Warranty and support. It’s not a part that should ever be overlooked. Wisging CO9B offers a worldwide grantee, which basically means that no matter where you travel or where you live, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

Additionally, support is included. It seems that the company is aware of the customers’ needs and searches for ways to solve them. This is where you see that trait in action. It’s frustrating to receive the device that means so much to you, or has the potential to mean so much, and have something included that you don’t know how to put together or have something go wrong with it.

In those moments, knowing that you have the possibility to get in touch with someone and that, if you chose to use it, there will be somebody there to answer you is so valuable. 

Pros and Cons

Among the advantages of having the Wisging CO9B is that it’s lightweight. Not the lightest out there, but at 58lbs with battery, it’s more maneuverable than most. It folds automatically, without you moving the pieces whatsoever, so that’s another mark in its favor.

With it approximatively the size of a suitcase (measuring 33.5”; 18.9”; 16.1”), you can put it in a car, train, bus, or airplane. And yes, it’s suited for airplanes too. 

The Wisging CO9B also has 10Ah batteries that boast up to 18 miles when it’s fully charged. In regards to other aspects we already talked about above, the maximum weight it can carry is 280 lb and the maximum speed is 9 mph. The cushion and back seat are comfortable, with a lot of room for you to move around, and other accessories are available for it too if you want to purchase them. 

Another point in its favor is the availability of a reverse gear. It’s nothing to write home about until you find out that you need it and don’t have it. Usually taken for granted, the possibility of reversing is not only useful, but it can really get you out of some tricky places. 

Now, for the disadvantages. The first thing we’ll mention here is, of course, that it has three wheels. While the scooter has 10” tires, which makes it more stable, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Something to keep in mind. And, because we’re talking about things well worth another look, it’s pricey but not unusually so. There are others just as expensive, but there are some cheaper too. This is just a matter of what you want and like and how the Wisging CO9B fits into those calculations. 

Final thoughts

The Wisging CO9B is a practical mobility scooter, which has world-wide support and is great for traveling.

5. Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - Electric Powered Mobile Wheelchair Device for Adults - Folding, Collapsible and Compact for Travel - Long Range Power Extended Battery with Charger and Basket Included
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It’s a 3 wheel light mobility scooter.

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

It’s light. That’s important if you need to use this device. As we mentioned, the mobility scooter is designed for somebody who has the possibility to move but it’s reduced. As such, you or your friends and family may find it useful to lower the hassle of maneuvering it around. That can be done in two ways.

Either the scooter in its entirety is lighter, as we saw above, or the pieces it dissembles into are. The second applies in Vive’s case. It separates into five parts, the largest of which is 29 lbs. The parts then can fit into most car trunks.

Pros and Cons

Another great aspect about the Vive is the five-year guarantee. That’s good for anybody’s peace of mind, but especially to people who need a mobility scooter but are more price-conscious than others. It gives you confidence that your money is well spent. And it’s much more budget-friendly than others so that’s another plus. 

The Vive has a reverse option, with a maximum range of 12.4 miles. It has a maximum speed of 3.7 mph, and the maximum weight it can carry is 265 lb. Also, it’s customizable in terms of comfortability—it has padded, flip-back armrests and a wide seat at 16.9”. 

The control panel is another point in its favor. It’s intuitive, with big pictures and light alerts. That might be useful for people who also suffer from reading disorders, but, even if that isn’t you, know that it’s easy to use. The alerts are flashing corresponding to certain issues the scooter may have—you’ll find them in your user’s manual—and can lead you to pinpoint what is wrong with it. 

At cons, there isn’t much to say. Just the obvious: its three wheels affect its stability. To some, the maneuverability is worth it—the ability to move over carpet, pavement, concrete, or title, and to navigate the thresholds and doorways—to others it isn’t.  

Final thoughts

The Vive a light mobility scooter that’s easy to use. 

6. EVRider Easy Move

EvRider Easy Move Mobility Scooter Remote Automatic Folding, Burgundy
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It’s an ultralight, automatically folding mobility scooter. 

Why does it feature on our recommendation list?

Total weight. The EVRider Easy Move weighs an unbelievable total of around 45lbs. It can be lifted with ease by people of all sizes. That said, considering the target audience for which it’s made, users might still struggle with the action, but that’s expected.

In fact, it’s the reason the scooter exists. Still, an ultra-lightweight scooter was exactly what the market needed and the EVRider is more than happy to provide. 

Pros and Cons

The EVRider Easy Move is fully automatic. It means that, yes, it folds itself. Just press a button and watch the scooter resize itself to the dimensions of a suitcase—a small one at that, its dimensions when compact are 17.3″, 16.5″, and 28.7″. That makes it amazing for travel. 

Unfortunately, the EVRider Easy Move can’t be folded manually so if the remote stops working you are in a bit of a bind. First and foremost, we recommend you look at the buttons at the back of your scooter.

If these light up, you can press them to get the scooter to still fold automatically. If that doesn’t work, the most probable cause is the battery. It either ran out of charge or needs to be replaced. Of course, something else might be wrong with it, you should contact support either way, but these are the general issues.

The EVRider Easy Move comes with 8.7Ah lithium battery. It’s fine with most airlines—it even includes a travel bag—but you should check anyway. The scooter has a maximum speed of 3.7 mph, the maximum range is around 7 miles, and the maximum weight it can carry is 250lb. It also has a 30.7” turning radius. 

It’s unstable due to its three wheels and relatively small weight but, as we mentioned above, there are advantages to that too. 

One more point in favor so we end on a good note is that the EVRider Easy Move is somewhat customizable—it has an adjustable tiller—and you can be sure it’s safe. What we mean by that is that it has a key. Yes, there are mobility scooters without one, but that’s not the case here.   

Final thoughts

The EVRider Easy Move is ultralight and accommodating for travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to drive a mobility scooter? 

You might. In most countries, no, you don’t. But laws are continuously changing, be it in time or geographical location: they are different from country to country and even local laws can be the ones to make an exception. Your best bet is to check. 

Are there any laws that apply to a mobility scooter?

Yes, there are. As we answered previously they might differ considerably. Usually, common sense helps a little, like knowing to stop at the red light, but the only way of finding out fully what they are is to read up on them. It’s usually found in the same place as the laws surrounding wheelchair use, especially powered wheelchairs. 

How do I know if it’s time to use a mobility scooter?

If you have problems walking, can’t walk far, have to take frequent breaks while walking, or you find a cane useful, you might want to start considering the possibility. Of course, that depends on your reasons for having difficulties and your willingness to try one out. We recommend a chat with your doctor too. In the end, nobody can force you to use it, but it can be liberating.  

Are there breaks on a mobility scooter?

There are and usually secure, made with the safety of their elderly, injured, and disabled passengers in mind. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them out on your scooter before you leave for your first ride, to know exactly how they function. Sometimes, there’s even a slight delay so it’s necessary to get used to them. 

How can I be safe on the portable mobility scooter?

You have probably already heard of these rules and laws from various vehicles and media related to them, but we’ll give you a fast walkthrough nonetheless:

  1. Maintain your scooter in optimal condition: protect it from the elements, and regularly check for damage to the battery, tires, or controls. 
  2. Never drive under the influence or impaired in any way: that means drinks and drugs, but also bad days in which you can’t concentrate or days without your glasses (if you have them). Anything that can harm your attention or visual acuity. 
  3. Map your surroundings as much as possible and be extra careful when you can’t: urban planning and architecture haven’t quite caught up, so certain routes you have been able to take while walking are impossible to navigate on your scooter. You might also have issues with uneven pavement or ramps, with curbs or doorways. Use common sense, attention, and you should be okay. 
  4. No passengers of any kind: you should avoid having anyone or anything in your lap while driving a mobility scooter or hanging off your bars.
  5.  Wear high-visibility clothes: like with bikes (or even motorbikes), drivers must see you in all types of weather. There’s even a height difference that makes you harder to perceive when you’re on the road, which means that having special clothing, made out of reflective material, is a good idea. If you don’t know where to get it, check out the ones made for bikes. 
  6. Pedestrians have the right of way and other such laws: slow down or stop to make way for pedestrians, stop at red lights, and basically show common sense and consideration.
  7. Emergencies can happen: having a phone with you, some money, and a bottle of water can make all the difference. You might also consider letting somebody know you’ve gone out, especially in the beginning.  
  8. Carefully transport your portable mobility scooter: turn it off before you climb down, take your key with you, and double-check to see if it’s shut off. Fold it and look at it twice once you placed it somewhere; if it’s a car, you should try to see if it’s secure, if it’s at home, make sure that water can’t get to it.
  9. Take it one step at a time: it can be overwhelming to read all these rules, guidelines, and laws, but, generally, with patience, focus, and care, you’ll do these things easily and without much thought. Allow yourself the time it takes for you to learn and enjoy every moment of your newfound mobility.